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Poutanet to participate in definition of energy aware 6G

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

energy aware 6G

Martti Ylikoski from Poutanet has been invited to join the steering committee of EWARE 6G.

Digitalization and rapid development of communication technologies have been among the key enablers for the economic growth for the past 25 years. The use of digitalized services and data communication grows fast, but comes with the cost of rising energy consumption, leading to increased costs as well CO2 emissions boosting the climate change.

That’s why energy efficiency will be one of the key development areas in upcoming 6g.

EWARE 6G, Energy awareness towards 6G project is a co-innovation project carried out at VTT and the University of Oulu, industrial parties and partially funded by Business Finland.

It is focusing on several parts of the end-to-end path of the data communication between data centers and applications, including Mobile Radio Access network, applications and devices as well efficient use of edge processing and renewable energy sources. Whereas the existing solutions has been focusing on certain areas such as applications or radio networks, EWARE 6G will look the whole end-to-end data path to have more holistic view on the energy consumption.

For more information on the project, its aims and participants, feel free to visit

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