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Community hosted and private LTE for Nigeria

During the covid lockdowns millions of people were forced to switch to remote work and access to essential services – such as education and healthcare – was suddenly only possible using digital services over the Internet. In developed economies this to some extent worked, but not so in countries where large parts of the population remain unconnected.

In Africa the need for connectivity is greater than ever. In Nigeria only one third of the population has access to the Internet. Affordability, service quality and coverage are listed among the biggest blockers. Communities and enterprises need to be given the tools to take their faith into their own hands and to improve the situation in their domains. This requires new thinking and new tools.

Now ATW Investment & Services Ltd and Poutanet Oy have agreed to enable local building and integration of private and community hosted LTE networks by ATW Investment in Nigeria. This allows companies and communities in Nigeria to obtain locally produced consumerized LTE network-in-a-box solutions that provides both local and Internet connectivity.

Connectivity is at the heart of the solution, but adding local digital services and combining the offering with off-grid power allows ATW Investment and Poutanet to overcome many of the challenges of building sustainable connectivity solutions in Nigeria.

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