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Off-grid solar private LTE

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Starting June 5th 2022 the Poutanet LTE network in Rajamäki is fully powered by off-grid solar. No more CO2 emissions!

All that is needed is a set of solar panels and a compact cabin that hosts the battery and all the electronics - including the PC with the mobile core software.

The Karugrid Small Cell Power System for off-grid and hybrid environments ensures 24/7 power for primary telecom loads. Secondary loads are served when surplus energy is available.

Remote monitoring and control allow the optimization of the system to a wide range of use cases ranging from African villages to remote industrial sites.

There is also an AC input. In countries where the service from the national power grid is intermittent this allows the use of the system as a complementary power source for both the telecom equipment as well as auxiliary loads such as lights and cooling.

In Rajamäki we have all the means to keep the beer cold when the sun is shining.

More information about the system can be found in the Karugrid blog.

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